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Rights of Mother in Islam

Rights of Mother in Islam


The dignity of parents has been emphasized greatly by Islam. In Islam, the rights of parents are considered next to the rights of Allah. after the obligations of God, parents’ respect is considered most important in Islam.

As the right religion, Islam considers respecting parents as one of the greatest and deeds that a Muslim must do. Although Islam stresses most on the respect of both parents but mother grips a higher position between the two parents.

Mother is the one who gives birth, we are unable to recompense her as she sacrificed her life and becomes the means of our birth. Islam has suggested some best rights of mothers that must be satisfied.

Below some important rights of mothers in Islam…

1. Mother Should be Honored Most:

Islam says that mother should be honored and respected more than any person on the earth. Even it is said that the mother must be respected three times before father. It is because of her suffering that she has to face on every stage life, e. g, form pregnancy to giving birth and raising us. Importance of obeying parents in Islam can be seen from the lines below. It is stated…

“And We have commanded on man to be dutiful and virtuous to the parents. His mother bore him in feebleness and adversity. The duration of booming him (in the womb) and preventing is two years…”

You can see the importance of the right of mother in Islam from the above line as she has to take pains of giving birth and raising the child.

2. Children must Obey the Mother:

Throughout a child’s life, it is the mother who plays an important and central role. So, it is obligatory for the children to obey the mother more than any person on the earth.

Our beloved Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said about the importance of parents,

“Allah Almighty will forward (the penalty of) in this world because of two (kinds of sins): one is violent misbehavior and second is disobedience of the children to their parents.” (Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah).

3. Mother must be Well Treated:

It is obligatory for the children to treat the mother in a good manner. Islam lays stress on the importance of mothers’ rights and says that mothers should be treated well by all of the children.

The Messenger of Allah Almighty Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) said about the right of mother:

“Yes, certainly, stay associated to your mother.” (Bukhari and Muslim).


Mother has the right to breastfeed her baby as the new baby is born. The best food for the child right after birth is breastfeeding by the mother. A mother becomes the source of creating a bond with her child during the period of breastfeeding.

Child’s Education:

From the birth of a child, the mother plays the role of the first teacher for every child. Mother is responsible of taking care for her children and also educating the children with good manners. It is obligatory for the mother to inculcate good manners in her children and prepare them to face the society in a well-mannered way.

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