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Benefits of Understanding of The Holy Quran

Benefits of Understanding of The Holy Quran

Quran is the Holy book of Allah which is a way of salvation for the people. It is full of guidance for the people about how to live a successful life and what to do to attain success on the Day of Judgment. For that purpose, reading of the translation of the Holy Quran is very important because in this way you will be aware of the vital instructions and requirements of Allah Almighty.

Quran is morality and source of salvation for the people. So, understanding the Quran is more important than just the recitation of the Holy Quran. And it is possible only when it is translated in the local language because people can understand every word of Allah better when it would be translated in their local language.

Knowing about Allah, the Creator:

The understanding of the Quran will give us an overall understanding of our Allah. We will only be able to know all about our Creator when we will read Quran with Tafseer and understanding. Qur’an gives us the true vision that is suitable to the truths and qualities of Allah and it will correct the wrong comments “God” of the earlier periods. Quran is a book which is full of the secrets of Allah. One can know about the secrets of Allah only when he will read the Quran with understanding rather than just reciting it. When we will understand the language of the Holy Quran, then we will be able to know that Allah is the One and there is no other god than Allah who is most merciful and most gracious.

” All that is on earth will expire: But will stand (forever) the Face of thy Lord, which is full of Dignity, Plenty and Righteousness. “ (Rahman, 26-27)

We can find Allah in the Holy Quran. We must know about Allah as to the definition in Qur’an given by Allah Himself. Else, everyone will make up a “God” explanation by himself which leads to the misguidance. See the quote below…

Knowledge of the Life of Allah’s Beloved Prophets:

Allah Almighty has sent many prophets to the world to send His message. Quran is the book which is full of the knowledge of the Prophets of Allah Almighty. All the prophets from the time of Adam are eminent individuals were assigned the duties to acquaint people with Allah, and to tell people that He is the only Creator. The only way to know about the lives of all the Prophets of Allah is the Holy Quran. Quran is a full guide and book of knowledge or the people. But it would only possible to know when you will read the Quran with full understanding. The life of Messengers is ul log guidance for us but we can only know about their lives when we will read it with full understanding. So, understanding of the Holy Quran is more important for us to know all about the Messengers of Allah who were sent by Allah by Allah Almighty for the help and guidance of the people especially Mohammad (PBUH) who is the last and most beloved Prophet of Allah and is the role model for our life. We can know about the lie of our Holy Prophet only through the full understanding of the Holy Quran.

Knowledge of Reward(virtue) and Punishment(sin):

The Holy Quran is the big source of Islamic teachings, which delivers full information and administration to lead a perfect, successful, and satisfied life. Every word of the Holy Quran properly deals with all structures of human life. But what is right and wrong, is the question that must be known by everyone. The concept of right and wrong is given in the Holy Book of Allah but we can only know it when we will read the Quran with full understanding. Allah has given a true and full guide in Quran to lead a successful life by accepting virtue and avoiding evil. We can know about the vice and virtues when we will read Tafseer of Quran. Understanding is the only thing that can guide people to differentiate between good and evil. May Allah give us a full understanding of the Holy Book Ameen.

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