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Benefits of Remembering Allah Almighty

Benefits of Remembering Allah Almighty


Remembering Allah Almighty is considered to be one of the best actions of adoration, it is powerfully suggested by Allah (SWT) and His beloved Messenger Mohammad (PBUH) to remember Allah Almighty all the time as it is a good deed. The teachings of Islam also desire to perform such a righteous deed. Allah Almighty says in Quran:

“Verily, in the commemoration(remembering) of Allah do hearts find rest.” (Ar-Rad 13:28).

And also, the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:

“Allah said: “and I am with him when he recalls Me. If he recalls Me to himself, I recall him to Myself, and if he recalls Me in a crowd, I recall him in a crowd even well than that. (Al-Bukhari 7405).

The people who remember Allah Almighty will become nearer to Him. They will receive His uncountable blessings and eternal Forgiveness. The angels will plead for their mercy. Consequently, the blessed people will be those who will be closer to their Lord and the wicked people will be those who will be kept away from recalling Allah.

You can remember Allah by heart and by tongue both. Both the ways are best for remembering Allah Almighty. But this should be done with virtuous purpose and just for the sake of Allah Almighty and for the worldly needs.


There are a number of benefits of remembering Allah Almighty. Some of them are discussed below…

  • The Remembrance of Allah Almighty banishes the Evil spirit, deteriorates his plans and eliminates his murmurings from the heart of every Muslim.
  • His gratification lies in the remembering Allah Almighty.
  • It wipes out the worries and sadness from one’s heart.
  • Remembering and recalling Allah comforts the way of attaining daily living.
  • Remembering of Allah causes to bring self-esteem, pleasantness and glow to the life of every Muslim.
  • Remembering of Allah causes to bring the love of Allah, which is the leading ethics of our religion, Islam. The way of attaining the happiness of Allah Almighty is to remember Him continuously. Those who want to achieve the love of Allah, should recall Him repeatedly.
  • If you want that Allah should remember you, you should remember Him as He Himself says that I remember those who remember Me. Such respect and self-respect are sufficient for a Muslim to be pleased that Allah remembers him.
  • The feelings of serenity, calmness or happiness will incline on the hearts of those who remember Allah Almighty.

In short, remembering and recalling of Allah Almighty is one of the most righteous deeds through which you can attain serenity, peace of heart and mind and rest. Allah will give a great reward to those who remember Him frequently. These people will enjoy great blessings of Allah Almighty in the Life Hereafter. They will attain higher success on the Day of Judgment. The best way to attain the happiness of Allah an His Messenger is to remember Allah as frequently as possible. May Allah make us to remember Him every time. Ameen.

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