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How Can Children Memorize the Quran Quickly

How Can Children Memorize the Quran Quickly


Children possess an amazing ability to process and recall all the information and this gift is given to them by God. It is the good ability of children to captivate everything or every information. That is the reason that children can learn everything faster. So far as the memorization of the Holy Quran is concerned, it is considered that children can learn the Holy Quran quickly than adults. There are many ways by which it is very for the children to memorize Quran quickly. Some of them are described below….

1: Use of Modern Technology:

Today, the most important way to make the children learn Quran quickly is the use of modern technology. There are a lot of modern ways of memorizing Holy Quran like colored and tajveed Quran, online courses and teachers and flood of modern ways to memorize Quran quickly. For that purpose, you must be equipped with all the modern technologies to guide the children to memorize Quran quickly.

2: Use of Similar Copy of the Holy Qur'an:

It is very important that every child must memorize the Holy Quran from the same copy. Every child must memorize the Quran from his own copy as it is the best way of learning and the child feels it easy to learn from the same copy of the Quran. Memorizing Quran from different copies may create difficulty for the children to memorize Quran. The places of the ayah would be diverse in different types of mushafs, and it is possible that the writing may be different. This is confusing for the memory of children.

3: Memorizing by Understanding:

The most important thing in the memorization of the Holy Quran is that children should be taught the meaning of ayats. Understanding makes the children memorize Holy Quran more easily. Understanding adds in the process of memorizing the Holy Quran for the children. Thus, children must be familiar with the meanings and Tafseer of the Holy Quran.

4: Recite in front of Others:

Individual memorization is not beneficent for the children. Thus, they ought to test their memorization by reciting the Holy Quran in front of the people who already know them by heart. Err is a human and it is natural with the man to make mistakes. So, to rectify all the mistakes, children must be taught to recite the Holy Quran in front of the people or teachers to rectify all their mistakes. This is the best way of learning. Quran cannot be learnt individually. Children must recite often before the people to know about their weaknesses and to make memorization more perfect.

5: Repetition:

Repetition takes an important place in learning and Memorizing the Quran. The best thing for the children to memorize Quran quickly is that they should repeat the ayaats as much as possible. The ayaats that are mostly repeated cannot be forgotten by the children. So, make the children repeat ayaats of the Quran as often as possible. Repetition is the best way of memorizing the Holy Quran. The more time you repeat the ayaats, the more you’ll be able to memorize them.

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