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Quran Courses for Kids

It is responsibility of every Muslim parents to provide their children Islamic education. Learn Quran Academy UK offers effective online Quran learning sessions for children. We provide a safe educational environment for children and parents. We hire the teachers after completing all necessary checks. We check their relevant qualifications and experience.

All our Quran teachers are qualified and Ijaazah holder in Tajweed, Qira’at and Hifzul Quran. They have strong communication in English. We offer three free trails sessions for every student who is interested to learn Quran.

Qaida Course For Kids: -

Qaidah Reading Course is the foundation course for Quran learning for kids. It is first step towards Quran learning. We work on this course to identify the Arabic letters and pronounce of the Arabic letters.

Quran Nazirah Course: -

In this course teachers help the children to read the Quran correctly. Teachers still work to recognise the different shapes of the letters and later on they help the children to read Quran fluently.

Tajweed Course: -

Tajweed courses for kids is designed to help the children to understand Tajweed rules and then apply the rules of Tajweed. Teacher teach the children Tajweed rules while they are teaching Quran according to the understanding of the children.

Hifzul Quran:-

Hifzul Quran course is very effective course for children. Learn Quran Academy UK has qualified and experienced Hafizul Quran teachers. Children memorise the Quran under the supervision of Hafizul Quran male and female teachers.

If you are interest any of the above Quran courses for kids you can contact us.

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