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Importance of Manners in Islam

Importance of Manners in Islam


Manners are something related to the behavior, etiquette of people or it may be a person’s external way of dealing with the other people. In Islam, there is great importance of manners because manners are the main cause of maintaining peace in the world. A world without manners cannot exist longer. Manners are important from the various point of views as…

Source of Good Relations Between Allah and People:

Good manners are very important from the Islamic point of view as they are the source of good relations between people and Allah Almighty. Good manners are very important in Islam. Allah Almighty has made good manners an essential part of the belief without which our belief is incomplete. Our beloved prophet Mohammad (PBUH) says:

“The followers who are perfect in faith are mostly those who are best in character.”

Below is a famous hadith about the importance of good manners in Islam:

Abu Darda (RA) stated that Mohammad (PBUH) said,

"Nothing is heavier on the Measure of Actions than one’s good Manners."
" (Al-Bukhari)

Source of Happiness of Mohammad (PBUH):

Good manners mean the respecting of our parents and other people and these are the things that are stressed by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself has shown to us the importance of good manners and he himself acted all the good manners first. It is clear from the below quote…

Allah Almighty says about manners in the Holy Quran: “Certainly, in the Messenger of Allah Almighty, you have a good sample to follow for him who believes in Allah and the Day of Judgment and evokes Allah much” (Quran, 33:21).

Social Impact of Good Manners:

Good manners are very important relating to society as well. These are the basis of someone’s success in daily life through which someone would be able to make a distinguishing place in the Islamic Communal. Behaving others with good manners means to place them at comfort the way that Islam suggested us to a pact with. Good manners are not just an important part of our religion Islam but it also makes our life pleasant from the social point of view also.

Mohammad (PBUH) said:

The most cherished of Allah’s retainers to Allah are those with the best manners(behaviors).”


By applying good manners, we are essentially strengthening our faith or belief. Moreover, you will be able to get not only Allah’s Love but also the love and admiration of those all around you. Even the skeptics of Mecca who desired to kill the Messenger (PBUH), recognized his honesty. Nobody might refute his honorable character and those of good manners.

The only way to avoid sins is just the adaptation of good manners. It is the only way to be successful in life. Good manners and ethics can stop us from sinking into evils. In short, Manners are considered to be most important to achieve our trust and also achieve the happiness of Allah Almighty and The Messenger (PBUH).

May Allah Almighty stretch us the gift to recover our manners and also try to replicate them! Ameen

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